In this little adventure game, there is one way to move forward : Sacrifice your own abilities. Crawl through a dungeon infested by monsters, unlock doors, avoid traps, and escape death. There is nothing but one rule to remember :

What you cherish the most might change in a few steps…

Note : Play the game in the your browser if you want, or download a Window version here if you prefer !

You can also download the full HD OST of the game here !

Controls :

AWSD - Move

Left click - Shoot

Rigth click - Interact

K - Sacrifice

The Curse of the Conquistador was made in 72 hours during the 43rd Ludum Dare.

Tools :

Game engine :    Game Maker Studio 1.4

Graphics :              Paint.NET

Sounds :                  LMMS 1.1.3
                                     Audacity 2.3.0

Staff :

Game design, level design : Ryomayonnaise

Programming, graphism : ROBOWARRIOR

Music/Sound : Myrrhe

Development log

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